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At Volvo safety is a fact of life.

Like people, automobiles possesses character. And experience has shown that the true character of an automobile, like that of a person, comes to the fore when life is threatened.For many people, that is a fact for which they will be eternally grateful. In personal letters written to Volvo, hundreds of people have expressed their belief that Volvo safety design saved their lives. The concepts that merit such gratitude are born of Volvo's safety design philosophy that makes occupant protection a fundamental tenet of quality design.

Environmental Issues Are Accorded a Very High Priority at Volvo
Quality, safety and environmental awareness are the three philosophical pillars upon which our organization is built. Life by definition is a consumer... of air, food, water and raw materials. In seeking to improve the quality of life, industrialized society increases these needs, placing further demands on our environment. In this desire to better our condition resides one of those profound questions of balance.
How does a society utilize the environment to provide for a better life without degrading the environment in the process? There is a balance to strike and Volvo is committed to setting the standard as a leader in intelligent, innovative and responsible production and product solutions for high transportation.

Today, Volvo focuses on reducing environmental impact across the transportation spectrum aggressively:

  • Developing and marketing products possessing content with the lowest environmental impact produced with the highest possible efficiency.
  • Exploring and adopting environmental compatible production processes. Specifying environmentally sound, recyclable materials in the development and manufacture of its products.
  • Working to develop efficient transportation systems.
  • Seeking to ensure that its working partners demonstrate a similar degree of environmental concern.

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